A composition I did as coursework to my music technology course

It is intended to be an accompaniment to a scene in which prisoners in a prisoner of war camp are shown to be digging a tunnel and escaping through it only to have the alarm go off.

Can listen on my profile here


The music itself definately isn't bad, I'm just not sure it sounds like music that fits the scene you describe. Mind you, I only got to hear 3/4 of it (the player stopped working...). To me it sounds more like something you would hear in some sort of RPG game as you are walking through a forest/dungeon/deserted castle.

It definately has a creepy vibe to it that might fit a POW camp, but it doesn't have the suspense that I expected an escape theme to have (once again I didn't hear the whole thing so I might have missed something important). I'd add some more suspenseful elements.

Just my two cents, don't take 'em too seriously though, I'm not in A2 Music Technology .
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