After finding out how much stupid someone can be I need to replace a pickup.

I emailed Fernandes a couple months ago before I started building my guitar asking questions about pickup configurations. They sent a response back telling me my
H-H-S idea would work. So I did it. Got it all working but the sustainer was really weak. Sent Fernandes an email talking about my problem. And then the same guy that emailed me before sends a response saying that with the humbucker in the middle it wouldn't work right and it would be weak. The dumbass decided not to tell me that before I dished out 200 dollars for the sustainer.

Anyway now that my rant is over i'll get to the point of this thread. I need a new single coil pickup. Right now I have a Seymour Duncan SH-4 in the bridge, and a Seymour Duncan SH-2n in the middle. The SH-4 will take care of my heavy metal, rock, high gain tones. And the SH-2n will take care of my crystal clean, bassy tones. So i need a single coil for the neck position that will do funk, ska and blues.

Preferably it would be good on both clean and distortion. Any suggestions? Thanks

P.S. Sorry for another which pickup/guitar/amp/pedal thread.