Poll: What do you think about search bar jokes?
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I think they're funny
4 11%
They are ok, but I don't like an abundance of them
10 26%
I don't care really, because anything goes in the pit.
5 13%
I don't really like them.
2 5%
I think they are really annoying and shouldn't be posted anymore.
17 45%
Voters: 38.
Yes I used the search bar, but none really came up with a poll about search bar jokes.

So what do you guys think about the search bar jokes that people say in varias threads? Sometimes they can be cool in my opinion, but otherwise they are usually an annoyance. What's your take?

(Poll up soon)
They're okay in some threads that are blatantly obvious to have been done 40221654 times before, but not in every thread that's been done only like 5 times.
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What are they?

Use the search bar and find out.
When all else fails, ask the pit.
depends, they are ok when something has been done way too many times, but I see searchbar jokes on things that I've never seen on here before, and I've been here for like 4 years.
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If they are funny I laugh. If they are complete fail, I still laugh.

Search Bar jokes are Win-win.
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They play a very important role in the shaming of young ones, it makes them learn faster.

Yea I have to agree somewhat, it does make them learn faster.
Sometimes they're funny, sometimes they're annoying. There was a thread the other night about haikus, and some guy made a whole haiku out of search bar jokes. That was one of the better ones I've heard.
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