i guess this could go in hardcore but what ever
move it if you please
so does anybody like this band because it seems like outside seattle
no one knows them

any ways i love this band they are freakin awesome
there like show is crazy. kind of strange but i like it

i really like they're wide range of sounds and tempos
new album October 7th
they're one of my favorites
Jesse Wants To Die Just As Much As You Want Him Dead
i've heard of them. never heard any of their music though.
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they're great. what do you mean nobody ever heard of them? they're quite big here
the heart is a risky fuel to burn
i got oxneer at record store the other day in the skuf section for 2.50
i bought not having it i was pumped
Alot of people know about them man. I saw them in 2005 with Fear Before The March Of Flames,The Chariot and Underoath. TAAS and FBTMOF were the openers and were awesome.
good shout. easters a great album. i had some of their old stuff from the 'this is meant to hurt you' (i think?) ep and the new stuff is so much better.
Used to listen to them a heck of a lot, but sort of lost interest in them. Will definately look out for the new album though.
there is no fear in this heart.

How am I being or trying to be fabulous/glamorous?

This douchebag I kind of almost dated liked them.

Which is completely irrelevant. I've never checked them out, so perhaps this should be on my schedule in the near future.
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Is the new album worth picking up?
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i'd say so. only given it one or two listens but theres definitely some great tracks on it. different kind of feel to easter but theres still a few bits of keys and synth etc.
Quote by element4433
Is the new album worth picking up?

I was wondering that myself.
I'm more of a TWMTHY fan, but Easter was not bad by any means.
Subtle Body just ****ing owns.

Red Line Season is alright, but a little repetitive and not too engaging.
Ooooooh, nevermind.
2nd half of it is quite good.
And it's not a long song.

Woolen Heirs is nice.
Very nice.

I want this and their split with Russian Circles.
That's pure creamage right there.
i love em. they're really one of the only true post hardcore bands left. all the bands labled post hardcore nowadays sound too metal and not enough punk to be labled that.
I saw them play with Against Me! awhile back, and during the show, the singer was punched in the face by some punx rawker kid.