I'm a bit stuck for cash right now, but would like to construct a tube amplifier for learning purposes.

I'm shooting for something with 2 channels, one for clean, one for gain. I'd like it to have both the standard EQ for an amp (same position stage-wise, except 10-band or so) and a preamp 10+ band preamp EQ. It'd be nice to have seperate volume for clean and gain, and then a master, if possible.

Also, is it possible to make an amplifier which can be switched from very low practice-like wattage (2-5) to stage-playing levels (15-50)?

At the least, a very visual diagram and the schematics and maybe even a bill of materials would be nice. If it only has the normal EQ, I can figure out how to squeeze in a preamp in there, or just buy one seperately, despite my cash problems.

I usually like to have both the technical diagrams and actual pictures, if possible..

All extra help is appreciated. Sorry if there's any errors or redundant statements in my post, I'll be leaving soon and had to get this in fast. If you have any questions just ask and I'll give you more information. Thanks

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Building tube amps aint cheap usually around the same cost as buying one. And thats alot of EQ to have on a panel. Everything added makes it more complex and more expensive. There are tons of sites that have schematics for many different brand amps. I found all my schematics thru google but SchematicHeaven.com has a bunch. You will find its a bit more complex than just mix and match to get what you want.
For your first build, this ain't gonna happen. Even an experienced builder might have some issues putting together what you're suggesting. If you want to get started building tube amps, think along the lines of a Fender Champ or Tweed Deluxe. You don't want anything more complicated than that.

Also, building isn't a whole lot cheaper than buying. Build only if you, like me, think if you want something done right, you have to do it yourself. It's a lot of fun and addictive, but it's also pretty expensive and potentially dangerous.
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