The other day I started a thread about connecting two amps together and the responses were to use an a/b box (which I'm not familiar with) or to not do it at all. Well today my guitar and new amp finally arrived and I did it anyway. I was gonna just add this to my old post but I figured nobody would read it since most people just read the first post and respond (at least I do).

Anyhow, I used to play for about 6 or 7 years but quit playing about 8 years ago. I decided I needed a new hobby so I decided to start playing again. So I bought a used Squier Strat and a little Randall 15 watt practice amp. After about a month I saved up a little cash and bought a Crate FlexWave 15 Watt amp and a Kramer Pacer guitar. The Strat was okay but I really wanted something with humbuckers since I mostly play metal and thrash. As far as the Randall amp goes, it's okay for a little practice amp but I wanted something with Reverb. Back in the day I played through a little Fender amp which was okay but I decided this time around to go for a Randall since that's what Dimebag, Scott Ian, and Metallica use (my three favorite metal bands). Well I take that back, I meant long haired Metallica, not that commercialized garbage they serve up these days.

I wanted to get another Randall because the distortion on this little 15 watt sounds sick but the one I wanted (I mean could afford) was out of stock. I finally settled on the Crate mainly because it has reverb and has a 12 inch speaker for only 100 bucks.

So I got the amp and guitar today but no matter what settings I tried the Crate sounded either too muffled or had too much treble. Finally I said screw it and ran the Randall into it and WOW it ROCKS now. To me, the tone sounds almost exactly like Metallica's Kill 'em All album. The way I have it set up is like this: I have my guitar plugged into the Randall as you normally would. Then I have the headphone output on the Randall running into the input of the Crate. I have the Crate on the clean channel and I'm able to get the kick ass Randall distortion coming through the Crate with Reverb. This might not be a good idea, but I'm careful to only turn the Randall to about 1 or less on the volume knob. I just turn the Randall up enough to get a signal and no higher. As far as the volume on the Crate goes, I live in a duplex so with or without the Randall running into it I can only turn it to about 3 before I'm at risk of pissing the neighbors off anyway.

But here's the thing. The Randall has a Line Out as well as a headphone out. If I use the Line Out on the Randall into the Crate then it's way too loud and I'm afraid of blowing up the Crate. Even the slightest bit of volume on both amps and the Crate is LOUD. Plus it doesn't sound as good as when I plug into the Headphone jack of the Randall for some reason. Also when I use the line out of the Randall sound still comes out of the Randall which I don't want. I unhooked the speaker on the Randall and tried using the Line Out but I sill like the way the headphone jack sounds better.

The thing is that if I plug the patch cable all the way into the heaphone jack of the Randall, no sound gets sent out to the Crate. Well a VERY little bit does but it's almost inaudible and no matter what the volume setting on either amp the volume level coming out of the Crate doesn't change. BUT if I pull the patch cable out of the heaphone jack on the Randall just about a quater inch, voila, it works perfectly. This is what I don't understand. My guess is that the headphone output on the Randall is in stereo and when I pull the plug out a little it goes to mono and works. If this is the case, I'm wondering if there's some type of adapter I can put on the end of the patch cable before I plug it into the headphone jack of the Randall so that only a mono signal gets sent to the Crate. If not, I'm not too worried about it, but it's just kind of annoying to stick it in ghetto style like that.

So my point is, am I correct in my mono/stereo assumption?

Edit - I'm thinking this is what I need:

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With my experience, all the amps I've used are mono (unless its twin speaker).
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