hi people. I want to buy a guitar for 500$ or less. I like to play all types of music so i want something that cna adapt to any type of song. I also want to buy an amp for 300-
An ESP LTD V 200.

A Dean Razorback DB.

Epiphone Flying V.

All good choices. However, go down to the local store, try some out and pick one that you like best.
dude it takes more than 15 minutes for ppl to seethis and help u

anyway, for 500$ u can get a good esp/ltd, used schecter, jackson, ibanez...etc
its all based on preferences. i gave u suggestions, make the best out of whats given
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G-400 for the win. only $300 brand new. now take $130 more and buy seymour duncan Jazz and JB pups for it. THERE YOU GO. pair that with a nice tube amp and ur set. but looks like ur amp isn't gonna be too special at that budget, so i would suggest just get the guitar STOCK for now. that extra $200 goes to ur amp fund and u have $500 for it. now with THAT you got urself a KILLER setup
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