so i hosting this mini music festival up here in VT. (May 24 at the richmond green if anyone is interested in coming) both of my bands are playing and its out doors. i was wondering about recording it. the set up as we have it right now is this. big mixer. 2 monitors 2 pa seekers for vocal/trumpet. ton of mikes for singing. then i think 2 drum sets and each band has there own guitar ams and what not. right now non of the amps are going to go be going in to the mixer. i was wondering what the best way to record this would be? should i turn some mikes on the stage from the audience? or should i just use the mixer? i have access to both mac and PC with various recording software (audacity exc.). or something totally different that i haven't though of? let me know!
Ok take it from some one who knows iv taken music therory and AP music theroy it helps its not that bad even if they do tell you power cords are lame
I recorded one of my concerts with a DAT (digital audio tape) recorder. But everything was running into a pro sound board. I recorded with the tape using RCA in from the RCA aux. outs on the soundboard. That's just my suggestion
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hey vt? my bands located in southern vt, right around springfield. id say record it right from the soundboard, and you should prob mic everything to get the best quality. it may take a big soundboard, and if you dont have enough mic outputs, set up a seperate mixer with some good mics located around the stage and record through that, that's the only other thing i could think of.

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If you can't get the band's guitarists to play through the PA, I guess you've got to mic every one of their amps individually, then mix everything later.