I played one today and it was pretty nice, I was thinking about selling my vk112 + 5150 head and getting the XXX 112 for my brother. I dont think hes 100% happy with his VK (which i claim as mine, I like it more then he does Its pretty damn good for $250 w/ a V30) and I want him to be happy, and totally outplay me soon. He started young and I think he really can be good I just want him to get the tone he wants..So enough spam + my personal life--What do you tihnk of getting him the XXX 112 combo, its 40 watts has a efx loop.. bla bla. I found one with a V30 for $500 on Clist so i might get it for him, sound like a decent deal?

Sorry for the somewhat wall of text..Just trying to help out someone
It will keep him entertained for a very long time honestly, the XXX is a nice high gain combo and he will at least not be worried about a crappy amp anytime soon...unless he plans on playing a stadium anytime soon.