I've been playing guitar for like 2 and half or 3 years something like that its just about all I do with my free time and as a self-taught guy I often find I hit plateaus in my playing and I was wondering if anyone had any good practice techniques that result in some good chops

EDIT: Yes I know its technically the wrong forum but there's so many more people in the pit than the other forums. I wanted more replies so I posted it here because I'm an asshole. there you have it
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Wrong forum
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hang ten pound weights from each of your fingers.
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hang ten pound weights from each of your fingers.

lol i think i might try it xD
1. buy a metronome
2. find a really fast riff
3. play the riff as fast as you can correctly play it
4. once you get comfortable, move the metronome up a notch until it's up to speed

you'll be able to play anything.
Try different tunings - they make you think differently and can open up a ton of other sounds.
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yeh i just play stuff that looks like the most randomly technical stuff on the fret board and once in a while ill come up with something cool
Put your chops aside for a second. Chops are worthless if you don't develop a good sense of how to use and manage your playing and technical skills tastefully.

...modes and scales are still useless.

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