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so i hosting this mini music festival up here in VT. (May 24 at the richmond green if anyone is interested in coming) both of my bands are playing and its out doors. i was wondering about recording it. the set up as we have it right now is this. big mixer. 2 monitors 2 pa seekers for vocal/trumpet. ton of mikes for singing. then i think 2 drum sets and each band has there own guitar ams and what not. right now non of the amps are going to go be going in to the mixer. i was wondering what the best way to record this would be? should i turn some mikes on the stage from the audience? or should i just use the mixer? i have access to both mac and PC with various recording software (audacity exc.). or something totally different that i haven't though of? let me know!
Ok take it from some one who knows iv taken music therory and AP music theroy it helps its not that bad even if they do tell you power cords are lame
Welll, if there are mics available I would throw them on the amps and run those along with the House mix to the PC or Mac.
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Mic everything up as if you were going to record in one take in a studio...live.
set some mics in the audience and record with a setup as such.

Digital mixer:
Yamaha 01V96V2

Recorder (the yamaha is only a mixer with good on board patching and FX)
Alesis ADAT-HD24

If you get the Yamaha MY16AT you can connect the yamaha and Alesis with fiber cables which is a heck of a lot less cables to buy and use... That card will cost you $500 though...

This mixer is nice, you could probably use it for live mixing as well and not even need the full mixer you have now. I'm not sure how many inputs you need though...

If you don't have the budget for all this gear, run some mics off to the mixer and record with the HD24. you can later get a Alesis ADAT HD24 FirePort 1394 and use it to transfer all the data to your DAW and edit it for the better.

BTW, audacity is a good program...for quick idea recording but I suggest a higher end program such as Reaper or Sonar if you can spend for one of them.