I need some help with keeping a high school band together...what happens is i get a group of amazing players together and it breaks up after one show because everyone else is committed to something else. I seem to be the only one really committed to the music in any of my bands and not about baseball or football or any of that (boring) stuff. How am I supposed to get a band together and keep them committed and gigging all the time..any advice?
don't suck
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Find People who are committed. I have the same problem (Possibly) as you though. No one in my town is committed to a band. They only start it up and pick up that guitar their parent's bought for them 3 years ago, but never cared to play; because they think it will be "cool".

My advice...Play music everyone can agree on. It's how I kept my band together for a year before our bassist walked out cause he was "bored with it".
find good music people that live music as their lives and dont do sports those are the best