I was wondering if anyone could suggest some good artists from around the world, specifically non-USA/UK/Can./Aus./NZ non-English speaking countries.

I don't mean simply rock-oriented music, I'm open to nearly anything.
Balken Beat Box

not Rock, Blues, Jazz, or Classical. Truly music that has not reached western society.
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As a Scottish band, a lot of Runrig's stuff is in English, but a lot of it is in Gaelic, which is pretty cool.

As for non-Westerners: Nusrat Fateh Ali-Kahn is kick-ass, as is Abdullah Ibrahim.
George Baker Selection
Ravi Shankar
Vishwa Mohann Bhatt
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I like J-rock music

The grattze
Dir en grey
Alice Nine

And I like any other music that sounds cool
This is the kind of thread I always end up discovering new music from.... it's the best thing about the "long tail" and music.... before u had to read in a magazine or hunt around in a record store to find something cool -- which made the choices always subject to the "gatekeeping" of editors and music store buyers and etc... -- which would lead inevitably to mediocrity and the prevalence of "poser music" -- i.e. stuff that you want to like because you think it's cool, not because you really like it. Music journalism especially creates high-profiles for really lame stuff, because journalists are always looking behind their backs, trying to profile something that they think in 2 years people will think they were cool for liking "way back when".... I GREATLY prefer the democratic nature of threads like these, where people simply list their tastes and you can just look something up on itunes or youtube and check it out for yourself....

These days I'm really into techno and techno/rock and stuff like that -- try searching for these songs:

Thomas Falke "Revolution On The Dance Floor"
Groove Cutter "My Shooter"
Control One "Just A Little Bit"
Ian Carey "Redlight"
Kevin Weg "Dead Radio"

I don't usually go for techno but these are sort of like a wierd crossover between rock and techno/trance.

Here are also some downloads with some other cool stuff too -- http://www.electricfilebox.com/tracks
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theres a great album by Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes called Paix
its around on some blogs
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