So my cousin let's me 'borrow' (I swear he told me I could have it) his Oscar Schmidt OG-2M guitar...It was a bad piece of crap( Although, I learned chords and scales on it and will be eternally grateful for this hunk of junk), The strings were rusty, The action was incredibly high and the saddle had DEEP grooves in it...After I played around with it I decided to go buy the biggest strings I could find (The idea was to develop steel finger-tips as fast as I could)...Did some research on how to change strings and put the bad boys on. While putting on the A and D strings the pressure(Or maybe the grooves had something to do with it) blew out chunks of the plastic saddle...After putting on all the strings I just messed around with it for another week before upgrading to an Alvarez...The OS just collected dust after that.

Fast forward a few months my cousin asked for the guitar back...I told him he said I could have it and he developed a case of amnesia. So being the nice guy I've been doing a little tinkering here and there the last couple of days...Replacing the bridge pins (A couple were broken about half-way up)...Putting new screws in the plates that hold the tuning pegs behind the head-stock ( Sometimes the plates would just fall out because the hole that housed the srews were wallowed out), And finally today I polished her up, Sanded down the saddle removing all the grooves/chips and placed some Elixir Nanowebs on it and the guitar has done a total 180 as far as sound and it looks half-way decent now...From unplayable to a good back-up/Traveling music machine!

Since I'm still mostly a newb I just thought that this was awesome...Most of the stuff I did was known from reading stuff you experienced guys would explain in this forum from time to time so I'd just like to say...Thanks/Kudos to you dudes who know your stuff. Now, I'm going to try and stall before giving this old guitar back

Would be cool to hear other 1st time luthier moments...
Good job! I'm glad to see that someone actually reads, understands, and puts to use the info we put down in these forums. It's not all bs after all. lol.
And a little tip for ya as well. Before any "bad blood" forms between you and your cousin, just give him back his guitar. You now have a nice Alvy to play with, and he's getting his back in a bit better condition than when he "borrowed" it to you. Fair trade I'd say.