Ok Pit, I have a battle of the bands in a couple of days and it will be my bands first live performance as a group. We've basically got our songs completely down, so we're just making any final preparations. I have a few questions to ask thee Pit.

1. I currently only have a 30w amp and was planning on just putting it through the PA system, as I spoke with the sound guy and he said that they do have a PA system that will be operating for performances, but I'm not sure if 30w will be loud enough. I figure if it's through the PA it should be, but my band mates are unsure. It's either use that amp or we go out and rent bigger amps (which I'd rather not have to do). So what should I do?

2. We have two songs that we're debating on playing as our intro song, and the other will either be an encore, or we won't use it. One is The Joker and the Thief by Wolfmother, and the other is an original song. Two of us want to do the original (including me) and the other two want to do the cover. Would it be better to do the cover or play our own song? The cover hasn't been practiced at all basically, but everyone knows the song, which is the main reason why i don't want to do it, but the two members don't really like the one original song. We have three other songs that are originals that we'll be playing, so we just need to make a decision about the intro piece.

Thanks in advance

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Don't open with a cover, even if the original song sucks, that's a horrible idea.
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30w tube or solid state? if it's tube, then it'll be plenty loud enough.
mic the amp, play whichever song you've practiced more
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