Yea so basically thats it. I have dark brown hair and I want to dye it a brown red color. Where should I start?... and finish for that matter lol.
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Kool Aid works if you want it to last a day. If the person wants it to last for months than a semi permanent dye works best. Buy one that has conditioner in it though so your hair won't dry out.
lol i tried to do blue with koolaid and it turned out to be one of the gimmick ones they used to make that change colour, turned out to be red. on a more helpful note i find "manic panic" brand works well for intense colours and your hair will go reddish brownish if you do red without bleaching first.... but not a natural colour oh no

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Just buy a box of darker red from the drugstore, and it will tell you how to apply it (it's not difficult at all). I'd suggest something else but your goal isnt drastic so drugstore dye should work just fine. If you want it to last, you need to get permanent dye, but it might show roots depending on how vibrant it is (you'll probably be fine though since you're doing a more natural color). If you want it to wash out after a month, try semi-permanent dyes; it will specify its type on the box.
Shampoo the day before you dye and dont put any hair products in. You want clean hair with no products, but you also want some of your natural oil around the scalp to protect it.
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and if u wanna stand it up you can use gellitin(sp?)

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