Hey guys, the above link will take you to our facebook which contains our full ep(though it is out of order) All the song were recorded in a studio we built in an empty room of our singers house. We are looking for true advice and opinion, as we have much aspiration. The music player is located at the bottom of the page!

Id say for this week judge Out of Touch and Always On My Mind, but if you have time to give some feedback on any of the other tunes it would be greatly appreciated!!

And remember, ill Crit for Crit!

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out of touch: the intro on this was really good. i like ideas presented, it seems like in the beggining guitar riffs you have some timing issues. the singing was brilliant. i really enjoyed the melody of this.

one thing i did think could be improved was the reverb. there seems to be rather alot of it. the bridge was a big change, but i liked it. the soloing was pretty good, but some of the bends seemed a bit out of tune.

thanks for the crit.
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out of touch: great quality, everything is really crisp, but i agree, a bit too much reverb
the acoustic guitar part is genius, i really really like this a ton, great singer, i love the use of extensions and the segue into the more rhythmic part is excellent as is the part itself, but i would have used distortion on the rhythm part, or at least overdrive, the solo is really good, the heavy part sounds pretty sick, good ending, extremely impressive

always on my mind: love the intro so much, very pretty, the organs or synths (?) in the background during the intro sound great, the clean electric tone is excellent too as is what it plays, im starting to think this intro is going on for waaaaay too long, yeah definitely, this is just starting to sound like a jam, it needs to enter a different part or something much sooner, okay, now i feel like the song finally started, hahaha, the singing sounds excellent as does the whole of the music right now, i do think this song meanders around a bit too much, it doesnt have enough structure for my liking

i really like how you guys have taken the characteristics of classic rock and modernized them a lot, its a really unique sound! the production is excellent too!

crit mine?

Out of Touch: Love the intro. Got a Pink Floyd sound to it. Only thing I noticed.. it all fits together, so it still sounds nice.. but there's a HELL of a lot of notes jumbled together at the same time in this song. Almost too crammed. I would have prefered it if everything would have toned down a little bit so I could focus more on the vocals.

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Out of touch; Loved this track. nothing else to say.

Here and Now; Liking the guitar solo at the intro. When the vocals come in, it sounds like Out of Touch, which worries me slightly. But at least you bring in the distortion in the chorus, which makes it stand out from Out of Touch. Overall, a great track. My favourite out of the EP

Always on my Mind; Very R.E.M. Another great track. As a commercial song, the guitar solo at the beginning may have been too long. The rest of the track was simple, yet effective. However, seeing as you are a progressive band, it may have spot on as the length of the solo went, but maybe didn't use enough progressions for the rest of the song. Either way, I still liked it.

My Respone to You; A very rock track. I think the very start should have distorted guitars for the rhythm tracks. Liked the variation in guitar tone (e.g 2;00). I also liked how the vocalist used his voice at around 2;30. Not the best one in comarison to the other songs, but still good.

I'll review So Easy in a minute.

until then, here are some of my stuff;
Hey guys thanks so much! Id actually really like to hear your review of so easy guitar monkey, you are quite thorough! Im Definately takin everything you guys say into consideration!

Yah as for the reverb deal, its really to create atmosphere. Like with good headphones or speakers its easy to make out whats happening, but with not so good speakers it gets horribly jumbled. It was a decision we had to make and went with the verb. Ill prolly take it down a notch though before we pass this guy out.

And i should have warned of the jam in always on my mind hah, i know some people arent into that kind of thing...on the album that one song is 2 tracks, the 2nd track starting after the jam.

As for a review for you, red, here it goes. Intro NEEDS bass and is kinda sloppy/amatuerish. The riff to this song is kinda lame-o, but the singing is quite solid. This a far shot from the music i usualy listen to, so im prolly not a good judge. I gotta say theres potential here. Like its got the right feel for this genre, but theres countless reasons why your not radio ready. Seems your singer kinda carries you guys, otherwise this music would be pretty boring. My words of advice are these....try to be creative, think outside the box made by the songs youve learned. Also the solos are terrible tone wise, but have some good moments. The problem here is your phrasing is weak and technique is somewhat odd. Ive actually been considering dropping soloing completely, theres about 2 billion guitarists who can smoke me on a lead and never had anyone give a damn. Showing off isnt what gets you famous, good songs do.

Something i had to learn is that music is art, not acrobatics.
He came dancing across the water
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