I just bought a pair of 10s for my ibanez. Well I bought it a few days ago. They were nice and silver when i bought them. The next day, they looked bronze on the spots I tend to shred most.
I tried them a while ago but they just didn't do much for me. I don't think they're worth the cash. I like D'Addarios personally, I just think they sound better, and I like the feel of uncoated strings. Bottom line; give the Cleartones a shot if you want, they might turn out to be your thing but I wasn't impressed enough to buy them again.
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But they went from looking silver to bronze, although their tone is still nice and bright. Anyone else have an opinion on the cleartone strings. Do they really last longer?
Did they feel old? If they still felt and sounded good I wouldn't worry. My hands sweat a lot so I was going through one set of D'Addarios a week but recently I've been using Elixer Nanowebs. They feel the same as uncoated strings (or maybe a bit smoother) and they look, feel and sound great for a long time.
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I tried em and they werent worth the extra money. The coating didnt seem to keep them from looking nasty after a few days of playing. Then one broke after a week never have that problem with ddarrios.
i have had some on my acoustic since november and they still tune fine and so fairly decent , their tone wasn't that impressive to start with
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Fast fret before playing fast fret after playing. Keeps your strings looking and playing good for quite a while.
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