Is there a major difference between the $70 and the $100 crybaby? Because if the $70 could kick ass i would just get that one and throw a power adapter with it. If the $100 crybaby is better then i guess ill grab it and stick with batteries.

I am also in need of an acoustic guitar because i need something that i can take with me anywhere without carrying an amplifier. Hopefully there are some decent $100 acoustics out there.

So which should i buy?
I doubt you can get a 535Q in $100. I got mine for $139 from eBay. And it retails in Australia for $399 AUD. Get it off eBay and save good cash coz its totally worth it.
I would save. Its really the best wah. I can pull of so many sounds, and has a lot of range, and you can control the range and tones, and has a top boost.
buy the 70 and mod the crap outta it
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