ok so i been in los angeles lately looking at music equipment and i went to guitar center in hollywood and i looked at a roland tds 20.

they are great and i am thinking of selling my acoustic drumset and a amp head to get it and a mixing board.

has anyone recorded a electric drumset?

if so please tell me what i should do and how it came out.
depends... what kind of acoustic kit do you have right now?

electronic kits are a lot easier to record with imo, but they dont always sound as... natural. unless you have a good acoustic drumset, and some really good mics/pres. otherwise, you could probably get away with a nice electronic kit and some really good samples.
when i tryed out the roland drum it sounded great. i could change all the toms,snare, hi hat, cymbals to what ever sound i wanted.

it had like 25 snare drums sounds on it. so i was very impressed on it.

my acoustic kit is only a sonor with 2 rides, cowbell, china cymbal, crash, hi hat, snare, 3 toms (+floor tom) bass drum.
The Roland TD12 and 20 are awesome working and sounding kits. Im using a TD6V module on my custom kit but can trigger EZDrummer when I get it for better sounds.

I would suggest either the 12 or the 20 modules, they are both good for recording since they have many outputs. You should not need a mixer to record, just an 8 input firewire interface such as the PreSonus Firestudio Project.

You can do a lot with these e-kits if you know how to get the most out of them...

for more info go to v-drums.com

BTW, beware of all the scams for these kits on ebay. There are a lot of them.