Since my dad won't let me take his guitar to college next year (It's a lace rat fink guitar that he got a while ago, but he doesnt even play it, so I picked it up one day and started teaching myself a little bit) I need to pick out a new guitar, something under $500. I've been looking into the fender standard strat, but since I really dont know that much about guitars, I was wondering which type I should get, the SSS or the HSS(I know the difference is the pickup, but I don't really know what the difference is in the sound). Most of the music I play is alternative and rock, stuff like weezer, smashing pumpkins, audioslave, earlier green day, among others. Im not interested in gigging with it or anything, I'm more a drummer anyway, I just enjoy music and guitar as a hobby. I'm using a peavey KB100 for an amp, mainly because I use it for my bass, and my dad had the amp for awhile, so why buy a new one. I was also thinking of picking up a distortion pedal, nothing expensive, I was looking at the Boss DS-1 because its pretty cheap. I'm sorry for the long post, but I know you guys will know alot more about all this than I do, so any input would help me out alot.
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a hss strat or save urself some money and get a squier

A squier strat? I thought those were cheaper than the MIM strats?
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A squier strat? I thought those were cheaper than the MIM strats?

They, that's why he said said some money.

And TS, I would prefer the SSS, but if you do get the HSS, I've heard from a lot of people that the humbucker is a bit weak-sounding.
You need an amp more than anything else, a keyboard amp isn't going to cut it, distortion pedal or no.

Get yourself a Roland Cube 30X - you'll still have enough left over for a guitar.


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save 50$ more bucks and get a roland microcube and an epi les paul.
different effects/models, small but sounds good.

i would get that opposed to a strat for alt rock.
Ibanez S520ex
Epiphone G-400
Roland Microcube
Alvarez MC90
I have an ibanez rg321 and a roland microcube and im really happy with it, tis my first guitar so dont have much experience with other guitars but it sounds bitchin to me, really nice neck as well which is good for me and my small hands.
Mexican Strat of Tele should be in your price range.
I found them to be good quality vs price. (it is a matter of opinion)

Ibanez and Epiphone have OK product as well.

See a website like Music123.com, they have a lots of information and then you can get a list of guitars you want to try and go to your local store to do so.

At the end of the day, your guitar should feel right when you play it - don't rush to buy, try a lots of guitar, you will end up with a better deal.

Anyway it is always cool to look for a new axe!

Have fun.