I am looking at buying a camping guitar. I have a list of guitars, some I have heard of others I haven't. Yamaha fg700s, Olympia OD3, Model DG5 Dixon, Yamaha Model F-130, Squier SA100 Acoustic, Squier SD6. All for around $100-$130 each. Which one is the best. Any help would be great. Thanks.
yahamas are good... do it!
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It looks like I might get the Olympia OD3. Both Yamahas are sold. It looks good and sounds good. It the sister company of Tacoma guitars. Kind of like Gibson/Epiphone. Does anyone know anything about them?
Nope, never heard of them before. But as said. Stay well away from the squiers. They're terrible.
The Yamah F130 is OK, but doesnt sound that great. If you can find another FG700S that would be the way to go. And they are extremely common too.