Hey guys, finally got half of my new krank rev jr. It shipped in two parts, cab and head, and I got the head today. My questions is this - since I have never used a tube amp, what do my back settings need to be at? the settings I mean are these:

voltage: should this be on 235v or on 100-120v?

Also, should it be on 8 or 16 ohms for the included cab?

Lastly, is the cab going to come with the speaker wires to hook it up, or do I have to go grab them in the am?

Thanks guys, sorry for the easy questions, just don't wanna mess this bad boy up before I even plug it in.
wouldn't the voltage be set according to the outlet that you've got it plugged into? more than likely 120v?
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I guess so, I just have no idea what the voltage is of a standard outlet. I know, that's probably pretty bad...
yeah, if you are in the US, leave it on the 120V setting. What does the cab say on the back, 16ohm or 8ohm. It's probably 16ohm. You want to match the amp impedance selector to whatever cab you are using. For example, if using one 16ohm cab, set the head to 16ohm, if using 2x 16ohm cabs, set the head to 8ohm(2 cabs will connect in parallel).
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Thanks dude. Ok, so I only have the have stack with the one cab, so 16ohm right? I appreciate it, like i said, I just don't wanna f*** it up. Man, I can't wait to start ripping on this thing. Music123.com sending it in two separate packages was cruel.