hey everybody......

i got a problem and i need some help...i have no idea what to do... i havent done any work to my axe...ever... i know... but am looking for a few tips so that i dont eff things up worse than they alredy are...

okay here is the situation... i have a strat that i have had for 4 years... now all of a sudden...it makes no sound.... i plug it in to my amp and.... buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
the volume knob still seems to function because i can increase the buzz... but when i strum or pluck a string it sounds dead. the sound is as if you hit a wrong string or something like effin up at guitar hero...
so im thinking pick-ups?

1.) is it possible to blow your pick-ups?
2.) what kind of damage am i looking for within the electronics?
3.) and where can i find detailed instruction on how to rewire?

i apoolgize if this has been covered already.... please point me in the right direction and i'll be on my merry way.....

try using wd-40 or contact cleaner in ur input jack and if that dosent work re solder all the connections
its probably you guitar input jack

the same thing happened to my guitar and i had to solder the wires again, its really not that hard to do
Well does it do this with all of your pickups, or just one?

I suggest just take off the pickguard and look around. There are billions of wiring diagrams (http://www.seymourduncan.com/support/wiring-diagrams/schematics.php?schematic=3s_1v_2t_5w)
on the web, and the signal path in a guitar is not difficult to work with, ANYONE could do it.

Look for wires that have come disconnected.

Oh, and in case you don't know, you will need to remove the output jack plate first, and unsolder or cut (as close to the terminal as possible) the 2 leads going to the jack.
Once you start to remove the pickguard, you will also need to do something about the ground wire running to the back cavity.

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Keep in mind that it's not necessarily the guitar. I'd suggest that you check your amp with another guitar, and try using a different lead as well before taking it apart and resoldering. My amp has a messed up input jack, and it buzzes like crazy but gets no sound from the guitar unless the lead is pulled to the up and left And just a while ago when I bought my OS-2 pedal, I freaked out and thought it wasn't working until I remembered to try a different lead . . .

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you guys effin rock....
thanks for the tips... i figured it might be something to do with the input jack as well...
thanks for the links!

guess there really is nothing left to do but tear into her and see what there is to been seen.... i know its not my amp, i have another guitar that i picked up to replace the one in question.... but i want to make it play again.....so thanks again...

peace, love, & freeflow friends....