Alright guys here's the situation:

So basically my issue is that my at the moment my current lineup consists of:

A great drummer that can keep up with me and has AWESOME improv skills he's good at following my melodeth riffs.

Me doing guitar, i find me and the drummer work very well together

Another guitarist that cant keep up with myself and the drummer, he cant make up his own stuff worth ****, plays alot of covers, he needs alot of work, also he has no electric guitar; which is fine so long as he can make stuff up along with me. Also he's 21-23 and we're all 14-15, i dont mind the age difference though.

Anyways, our problem is that we NEED the other crappy guitarist because he supplies us with a kit (our drummer goes to a studio to learn and lives in an apartment), also we use the church (the other guitarist works there) to practice because they have the kit as well as a mixer etc...

What do you suggest i do to convince the other guitarist to leave but on good enough terms so that he wont want to take the kit away and our practice area.
He sounds like a pedo...

Seriously if I were his age I wouldn't be caught dead playing with a bunch of junior high kids... No offence to you. I'd be cool with it now as I'm not yet 20, but dude that's just weird that he's willing to play with you guys in a band when he can legally drink when you guys can't even drive...
But if he's not very good, he's probably just happy to have kids who will play with him. Has no electric guitar... so he plays acoustic in a project that wants to be metal?

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eds1275 is right. Maybe he just doesn't have any friends/life, so he's with guys 7 years younger and can't even play. I suggest you to talk to him, tell him he sucks, and that he would need to work more, or more efficiently. If he practices a lot, but he doesn't really know how to practice... it doesn't do anything, he won't get any better. Try to show him a bit if you can, and keep a good relationship with him, even is he still suck.
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Well, at the moment i've decided that we should do something in between RATM and RHCP, very different from my usual Bloodbath stuff :p last jam sesh we did some of that stuff but it ended up me just riffing/soloing over covers....as soon as the other guitarist left we made up like a pretty kickass riff or two...
Quote by StealthyHayze
Also he's 21-23 and we're all 14-15, i dont mind the age difference though.

Why is he 21-23 instead of 21 or 22 or 23? You're guessing his age?

I think you should get rid of him. He can't play and the age difference is on the sketchy side.

Look for practice space somewhere else. Perhaps the music department at your school?
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I doubt he would be willing to leave his kit if you kick him out. Why not save up a bit and both of you put in to buy a drum kit, you can get a used or pos one for around $250. And the age gap is pretty big, not that it matters, but it sounds like he needs to get his act (or possibly life) together.

As for practice space, if it's just you two, or possibly a third you really don't need a huge space. You could all squeeze in your bedroom, if your parents don't mind the noise.
Quote by FuzzyBear
he really does sound abit creepy

but why not make him play bass?

Sounds like a plan to me.
The guy obviously just wants to be in a band, any band, and he's willing to do anything in order to make that happen.
A bass player is what you need rather than an acoustic guitarist so tell him that.
I bet he'd be willing to at least give it a go, and playing bass is generaly easier than guitar anyway

(and before any bassists get all p!ssy about that last comment, I'm also a bass player too, I'm not talking about advanced playing like Stanley Clark or whoever but just simple basic route notes stuff)