We’ll catch them when they’re young.
Won’t have a clue,
and eventually it will sink in.

Let them know
this is how things should be
just like in the generations before them.
Present to them enough distractions
so that they shall never question
Yes, yes, if we can catch them when they’re young.

And it should give us the right amount of time
To let everything fall in line
And if one should get ‘out’
We’ll just turn them off
from any attempts to mislead.

We shall let them know when they are young
The difference between good and bad
How to deal with problems they may have had.
And the importance of words like loyalty and honor.

Before you know it
We’ll have the world
in the psalms of our hands.
Just so as long as we catch them
when they are young.
ahh, probably 'we suck young blood' or something....interesting, cause I wasn't thinking of them while writing this, at least on a conscious level.
when reading it i was thinking corrupting children to think a certain way
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^yeah, that is what I was going after, though trying to convey the feel of the larger picture also.
I think it talks about how society makes great efforts in order to categorize people, but in it's very own categories, invented by it, and how it tries to exclude any parthenogenesis. any Virgin idea...
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I guess I kind of see where you are coming from but not really. maybe you could explain further?
Quote by streetcarp19
I guess I kind of see where you are coming from but not really. maybe you could explain further?

I say, society nowadays tries to pick up children from their cradles and turn them into pawns of it.
Yourse is right on time because the government of Greece has started chatting about Military Service(which is obligatory) should be held at the age of 18

Imagine how vulnerable is an 18 year old childs mind to facistic ideas at that time
that is an interesting point and how this kind of thinking is spreading global...and here I thought it was just mostly us americans caught up in this.
I think I fell in love with that last stanza.

I was going to critique this but I like it too much, so, maybe next time.

It was okay, I just get annoyed at any anti religious, or (anti athiest) pieces.

But I guess this is about the conformity of religion; as oppossed to the equal possibility that there is a deity, rather than there not so I guess I can forgive.

It was a good though, I would try and generalise it more...
Cause I get the idea this is just one creepy bishop as the narrative voice.

Maybe include other voices, maybe an athiest saying no we'll get them while they are young, throw calculators at them...
and have the goverment saying we'll pamphlet them when they're young.
With images of like Macdonalds and the millitary giving them Ak-47 pacifiers or something.
Create like an internal argument of loads of parties trying to win the young, for future allegiance...
make it suffocating to emphasise how the young are exploited

It could be a pretty huge piece
thats just my two cents...or two pence, which is more appilcable to me.

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it wasn't really meant to be as much of a religion piece as it has been mentioned, but that's fine. the 'psalms' part is kind of meant to vent my hate for how the US has adopted the 'In God We trust', when that is not necessarily what we all believe in, its more what they WANT us to believe.

Overall, tatics that the government uses to keep us in line and not question things is what I was really trying to get across with this.

Thanks all very much for the comments.
coming from a socialogical standpoint, i love the message it implies. matter of fact, i recently wrote a piece rendering this same subject matter.
religion/blind following is the opiate of the people; even though i think you were aiming more for the latter aspect.
good job. great job. this was very well written, and deserves some recognition.

btw, you're more than welcome to have a look-see at mine: a sound of departure; vol. 3.(don't feel obligated to leave a comment though, as is this was nothing more than praise.)
as soon as I read it I thought of A Clockwork Orange when the government hypnotises Alex,pretty good song...what style of music are you going for?