I'm about to start gigging this summer.
Should I purchase a BJ now and get the BD later or wait till the summer and then buy a BD?
Purchase a BJ? Get a girl and she might give you one for free.
Sorry, bad joke.
Eh... might as well get the Deluxe first.
You'll appreciate the extra headroom. Unless you plan on cranking it all the time, then i'd go BJ.
I, myself would get the deluxe.

But, it's a win-win situation, since they're both great amps.
They both pack huge punches for their price.
Call me Wes.
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Ive got the deluxe but sometimes I wish I had got the smaller JR. But it is a wonderful sounding amp and great for gigs, shame its no use for bedroom practise...
If you're gigging, you're gonna want at least 30W. I'd go with the Blues Deluxe.
You Don't Need a halfstack.

You Don't Need 100W.

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i love you slats.

the blues junior funks out at high volumes.

*in this case "funks out" means sounds like crap.

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