I have a tons of gear for gigging and ect but I'm looking for just a combo amp to stick in my room to practice on. My budget is $300. I'm looking for an amp with maybe a couple effects but reverb is a must. I play Metal Jazz and blues music. If anyone has a combo amp that they just love and sounds pretty good please speak up. I'm a fan of what 2x10 look like but I'm not sure if that would be within my price range. I was thinking about getting a vox but i've never played one so I'm not sure if that would be the right decision. Thanks!
For $300 AND that much flexibility, modeling would probably be the way to go. Roland Cube? Vox AD series? Roland's supposedly better hi-gain, and the opposite for the vj. The cleans on the Roland, though... wow. I was impressed. Modeled on the JC.
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Jake will suffice.

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i have the cube 30 it is alright while it lasted (made a loud pop noise and stopped working)

if you're looking for effects and good metal tones, the Roland Cube is indeed a very good practice amp. Depending on how much you're into blues and jazz though, I might reccomend that you look at getting a small tube amp. The Fender Blues Jr is a 15 watt amp that's right in your price range. It's really good at jazz and blues tones.
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