So now that I moved to a basic tube amp I have a badass sound and lost basically all my effects from my spider, I rarely use effects but I do. I pretty sure I want to get the Boss ME-50 and just use that for everything instead of buying like 4 effects and a tuner. So I was just wondering is the multi effects gonna sound like **** cuz im using tubes or will it be ok since im not picky on how great the effects are. Also another question I really love the 6505 sound but it seems to be not very sensitive, like it has tons of gain but taps sound kinda ****ty. i usually set it as pre8 low8.5 mid4.5 hi7, i use an emg81 so im kinda surprised by this but just looking for some feedback. Thanks
My Gear:
LTD EC-1000 (duncan jb/jazz)
Schecter SLS (EMGs)
ESP Horizon
6505 head
Marshall 1960lead cab
Boss noise gate
maxon od808
boss chorus
boss de-7
Dunlop strings and tortex 1.14s
If anything, the ME50 is going to suck some of the tone from your amp. I'd put it in the effects loop and get a looper pedal to bypass it when you're not using it.