I would like to hear stories about your bands songwriting process. It can usually be a tricky spot in many ways for a band. Does your band have a "leader" who does the whole songwriting all alone or do you prefer to write your songs by just jamming with the whole band?

Both of those writing methods can, of course, work perfectly or they don't work at all. But it would be interesting to hear how you build up your songs.
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Well, our vocalist, is highly influenced by the pop rock music here in our country so the songs that he writes have simple constructions. Our vocalist is our song writer, he writes the chords and lyrics of the song, or one of us gives him a certain tune then he'll write it.
Well,that depends. I myself work best on my own, however in my one of my band we usually just jam and then work out structure. In my other band each one of us might come in with songs already finished and let the rest of the band add to them, and sometimes we just jam on it.

When working on my own I usually just sit there and jam until I come up with a riff or a melody. I also might have an idea in my head, if that is the case I just write it down. As for lyrics, they usually come last, but sometimes they start a song.
My bassist and I are pretty prolific songwriters. Not to blow my own trumpet or anything, but we genuinely do write a lot of songs.

So basically, we get together, put forward one song that we think would work out good and the whole band works out. Since we usually have the basic progression down, we work on modifying the chords, strumming pattern, picking pattern, riffs etc. And when I record separately, I usually use two to three guitar tracks, so everything has to be improvised for the context of our band (only 1 guitarist and 1 keyboardist).

And absolutely DO NOT write with your drummer. Not ours, at least. Bad, bad idea.
mostly in our band we each come up with an idea, or an entire song. then we present it to each other and vote on weather we like it or not and change certain things around. everyone in my band writes songs
in my band, we just kinda jam for a while and just play random riffs until a riff or something comes to us. then we share what we just made and give eachother pointers and stuff.