I was trying to do something a little different with this one, because all of my rhyming songs kinda got stuck in a rut, so tell me what you think.
Crit for crit, if you have something for me.

A little girl looks in a sees a circus
Clowns with painted on smiles, freaks abound
A man pretending he is in charge, commanding everyone
At the end of the day, they are all just like us
They just pretend, its almost like a show
Except this circus is always recruiting new freaks
Always looking to drag more people in
Giving promises of paradise and riches
But leaving you empty
These hypocrite clowns with painted on smiles
Grinning only while you are here
They pretend happiness to draw you in
Then put you right to work
Be happy, be perfect, for he is watching
Though he’ll never appear to you
He is there
We worship our ringmaster without question
Following everything he tells us
Here are the rules, question them not
Though they’re almost 5000 years old
"But, I’m not part of your circus"
Then get the f*ck out of our tent!
She is now forced to watch from the outside
Looking in now, she sees so many fallacies
The clown’s makeup is falling off
And their smiles are fading
Hurry and end the show
So we no longer have to act
They preach perfection, but live a lie
Best dirty pick-up line...
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