hey all.im going to customize and old strat ripoff of mine, and was hoping hthat people would be able to suggest some cool mods and bits and bobs to put into my guitar. i also want to use it to learn how to do sruff like kill switchs etc. so yeh, give me ur ideas!!!

example, killswitch, LEDS, built in effects.

nothing too hardcore, but also things that could be usesless haha as long as they are cool!!
kill switch, lead switch (bypass all tone/volume controls for all pickups), black ice?
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series switching, phase switch?
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Slap some LEDs behind the pickups, wire it to a battery & a switch, simple & cool lookin.


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wow these are good ideas!! whats black ice? and can anyone provide me with info on how to dolike the phase switching etc? my guitars got one humbucker and two single coils.