I'm looking for a good (well, the best) multi-effects processor. From reading reviews and comments and threads, I've come up with, as the title says, boss and line 6. Important note: I don't need a myriad of effects and models that I'll never use. I'm looking for great tone in the versatility of a multi-effects processor. Which would you guys recommend?

1. The Boss ME or GT series. The ME's are the cheaper versions, but I read good reviews on the ME-50. I also read that It's a lot less complicated than the GT or Line 6. I don't want complex stuff. If the ME's only got less features (say, types of distortion) than the GT, but has the same sound quality, I'd probably go it. Of course, I still have to try it out before making a decision.

2. The POD XT. I don't know much about the POD, much less the different types of Line 6 PODs. Basically, I want one for the stage, not the studio. I also read good reviews on these products, some even treating it as the holy grail of effects. My problem with it is that is seems very complicated, and seems to have a lot of features I may never even use. I need a simple yet great sounding multi-effects pedal.

I've also eyed the KorgAX3000G. It's cheaper and seems much less complex. Again, I've only read reviews about it, haven't tried it yet. Is it good? I'd get this one if it's sound quality is just as good as the Boss and Line 6 and its only downside is a lack of crazy features I wouldn't even use.

I need help suggestions, comments, anyone?

FYI, I'm not doing this as a survey just for the sake of it, I'm really looking to buy one of these.
Vox tonelab is pretty good. I use a boss gt-8 but don't really like it much. I'm going to save up for a engl fireball soon. Seriously get a good amp for sound and an effects pedal for effects.