I'm not too keen on cabinets/extensions and combo amps. I've got an extension out on my deluxe, but I was wondering what does an extension cabinet actually do for a combo amp? Also, how would this combonation sound? I play mainly ambient rock/indie type stuff.
You will get a fuller sound as you will be pushing more air. As well as this, I'm sure stereo effects will sound better from two speakers.

Side note; Fender actually make a dedicated extension cab for the HRD, check out the website. It will look better than an Orange cab, if you have OCD for matching gear
I see, well I'm asking about the Orange specifically because I found one for 450$. I think that's a pretty good deal, but I will checkout the fender extension. Thanks.
The Fender is 8 ohms, while the Orange is 16. It's not terrible to connect an amp to a cab with a higher ohm rating, but it's not ideal.

That said, the Orange is an excellent cab. And if you were buying it now to build a rig for the future, $450 is a decent deal.
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