I'm in a band and I'm looking at getting up and playign in front of 500+ teenage males and probably teachers @ my school. I was wondering what some good songs to play are that are still impressive. Mainly rock, I was thinking about the usual Nirvana...Fooies...AC/DC but I'd like to get some other ideas. Any suggestions?
hey smells like teen spirit is really easy to play if you like nirvana

another great song to play you half to be a little more intermediate guitar skills
but paranoid by black sabbath

and if you like Reggae do santeria by sublime

here is some more ideas

Jessica-Allman Brothers Band

open with the star spangled banner-Jimmy hendrix

messages-velvet revolver

Jumping Jack Flash-The Rolling Stones
I would play a song that most people would know like Rock You Like A Hurricane or something.
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