ok so i have longish hair and i bought a cheap hair straightener and need to know how to use it, im a guy so i have no idea about these things.

and dont think im gay cause i use a hair straightener.

any help and tips would be good.
thank you my good sir

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turn it on, let it heat up, try not to burn your head

could always get someone else to do it for a while till you get the hang of it.
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1) Plug in.
2) Wait two-three mins.
3) Take hair you want to straighten and put between then vice, push together and run down through the hair.
4) Go to school and be called a fag by friends.

No, i'm just joking

or am i?

In all honesty thats how you do it
Ummm dont do it ur self... get it done professionally...it might be a bit expensive but its worth it!!!
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thanks, i shall give it a go, and that pic is exactly how i want it, cept on the other side of my face
Just make sure that when your straightening your hair that you do it slowly, There is an urge to do it quickly however this actually takes more time to get your hair straight.
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Grab a bunch of hair, put it between the irons, close them and run them through your hair. There's no need to press hard on the handles, doing so will just hurt and you might pull some hair out.
Straight hair is much easier to style with or without products.
If you're using a cheap straightener it will probably take a while to get hot enough so by the time it does the outer end might be hot, be careful around the ears and the neck, you probably wont burn yourself but it might hurt.
Quote by Griff_Kid

4) Go to school and be called a fag by friends.

that's so true

but in addition to other posts you MUST use a heat protector before straightening, otherwise you're gonna totally **** up your hair if you do it often ( although hair gets a bit damaged anyway ). Also you might consider getting some quality shampoo and moisturizing conditioner.
aparently it works better if your hair is wet... but i wouldn't know as everyone who isn't happy with curly hair has it cut...
??? Fund: cba to keep up with it.
will at least try when I get a jerb


Alex (mcfreaki)
You only get called an emo and a faggot if you actually wear your hair like an emo or a faggot. I don't straighten my hair any specific way, I just straighten it so I don't play with it. It also helps to keep your hair long but not too long. This kid in my school straightens his hair and it goes below his chin. That's ****ing ridiculous.
haha wow this got a lot of negetive feedback, more than i thought,
stop what? if you mean straightening my hair i wanna do it so its not curly i really dont like curly hair but i dont want it cut short either.
Like someone already suggested, if you don't want to go through the fuss of straightening every morning you might also want to consider chi / japanese straightening. They last forever and only need to be redone after your roots grow. Might be bit pricy though.
for the love of god,
dont use them

i used to a bit and they totally ruined my hair
its taken me about a year and a half to get it back to a reasonable state.
Top lel.
YThis kid in my school straightens his hair and it goes below his chin. That's ****ing ridiculous.

Is it?
For all those people saying 'use heat protection on your hair first', don't.

My ex's sister studied the effects of this for her chemistry degree and found that, at best, these compounds have no beneficial effect. At worst, they actually harm your hair more.

They're just a placebo to make people feel better about buying straighteners, and make more money at the same time. And quite a clever one at that.
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For all those people saying 'use heat protection on your hair first', don't.

they must have some kind of effect otherwise they wouldn't make it even to shops and all professional hair stylits suggest them
It's completely obvious how to use them.

And anyway, isn't there instructions with them?
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