So I have a few tab books and after watching some videos for the songs I am learning I noticed that some of the tabs given in Authentic Guitar Tab books dont always match to what they are playing. But playing what the tab book says does sound like the real song but I wasnt sure how reliable they were. Any thought?
The way I see it, if they sound right, then how wrong can they be?
They'll generally have all the right notes, but not always in the ways that the original was played
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If it sounds right it's possible that what's happening is that the notes are right but they have it tabbed out in a different place on the neck. Same notes, different way of playing it.
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At the end of the day tab books are just someone's interpretation of a song. That someone is usually an advanced player though and has a good ear.
Rarely will you find a bad tab book but there are some complete duds out there. If you stick to a well known publisher (like Hal Leonard) you are going to get a decent set of sheet music/tabs but if you go for obscure French publishers (there are a few really bad Metallica books out there) you're taking a bit of a risk.

Things can usually be played in a variety of ways and positions and, in my opinion, if it sounds right it shouldn't really matter how you're playing it, but that is why you'll see youtube videos of people playing songs in different ways.
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