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Try searching.
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i did search, but there was nothing to do with mixing a ds-1 with a vk

sorry if there is and i cant find it though
Quote by Dizeaz2112
Do you mean like using the DS-1 as an overdrive for the gain on the amp, or using it as a stand-alone distortion while running the amp on the clean channel?

overdrive for the gain on the amp
Quote by xdeathxcorex
overdrive for the gain on the amp

I guess you could do that. Wouldn't know what it would sound like, as I haven't personally tried it. Though I can recommend the Digitech Bad Monkey for the Valveking. You might want to check into that, and try the two of them out.
well my friend has teh 212 and i let him use my ds-1 pedal, he says he liked the sound, and hes into stuff like silverstein and coheed and cambria and funeral for a friend. liked it alot better than his distortion on the 212 itself. hope that helps :cheers
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