I need opinions on which pedals to get:
i need a distortion
a loop station
a delay
an eq (mxr 10 band looks good)

And i need a firewire interface to record through.
what kind of music? budget?

edit: what amp do you play through?
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i play harcore/death metal and whatnot.
im gonna be playing through a blackheart 5w head, but im getting an avatar 4x12 cab so i can upgrade to a 5150 or something like that later.
my budget is around $500
Firewire recording? EMU 1616M, you can get versions for laptops and PCs. The 'M' just gives you extra software over the plain 1616.

Personally I just use my digitech RP350 - but nobody will ever here those recordings so quality doesn't matter.

Scratch the EMU, it's your entire budget. Thought about an F-CONTROL AUDIO FCA202 by behringer? I was thinking of getting it, but I got the digitech so I didn't need it.
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