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Ceriatone Clone Plexi50 1987 Lead
6 43%
Ceriatone Clone JCM 800 2204
7 50%
Don't get a Ceriatone, they're not that good!
1 7%
Voters: 14.
Hey UG,

I'm looking into buying a new amp in the very near future and have come to a crossroads. I really want Marshall tone, but don't like any of the newer amps they have on the market. The tone I'm looking for is most likely going to come from either a Plexi or JCM 800 2204. My question is, if I'm looking for an amp with a good, warm, slightly crunchy sound, should I go for a Plexi head or a JCM head. I've read the Marshall chart and played around a little bit, but I just want to see your opinions on this matter.

Also, I'm thinking(since Marshall no longer makes these amps and those that are available are ancient/pricey) I could get a clone from Ceriatone. From the little research I've done, people seem to love these amps and claim they are as good as the originals! What do you guys think?

Should I go Ceriatone? Which model?

Edit: The tone and sound I'm looking for is a warm overdrive sound. Kind of a Classic Rock-era warmth. Think AC/DC to Eric Clapton/Cream, David Gilmour, but I also need something that can get a little harder(I would probably use an OD to get to high gain territory).
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The ceriatone plexi will do amazing at the music you have listed there.

I've never heard of problems or reliability problems with them so you should be fine
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Ceriatone > ***

Personally if I were looking into a Marshall clone I'd probably jump on the 2204. If you don't need a master volume look at the Trainwreck clones instead. If you're bent on smooth, warm overdrive and need a second channel, the Overtone Special is an absolutely amazing Dumble clone.
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Check out the Ceriatone 18 Watt Plexi clone, 50 watts of plexi is really, really, loud.
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The Ceriatone Expression is next on my amp list.
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hi sorry to resurect a dead thread but didn't want to start a new one, couple of questions

1) Can someone please post a link to the mega-marshall thread, marshall chart thing i remember it from years ago but have searched and searched and cant find it


2) Does anyone have a link to a list of ceriatone clones saying what they are clones of, I'm looking for a kind of mix between the jcm and tsl tone, with a master volume, so it could be used at bedroom levels as well as gigging, id also like more than one channel, does ceriatone do this? the website can be confusing, I want to know what the amps sound like and there features but most of it's technical stuff.

Plexi 50 all the way!!!!
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well thing is I want a decent amount of gain post-hardcore style and I'm not sure if ceriatone do one like that?

My PERFECT tone is this.... http://roccaforteamps.com/sounds/steve_stevens_18w_combo_heavy.mp3

I have a Schecter c-1+ with BKP Rebel Yells, so I have the pups from this clip but theres no way i could strecth to a roccaforte lol, unless someone had a second hand one but who's gonna sell one of them?!
yeh thanks, as regards to the tone im after, im looking at a ceriatone jcm 2204, will it do the stuff im after?
how hard is it to build one yourself?
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Whats the difference between the 2203 and 2204?
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