currently im playing through a line 6 spider II, but recently ive been looking for ways to make it sound warmer, more like a tube amp..

ive been exploring pre-amp pedals with tubes in them including multifx pedal boards (2.tt) but i dont know if these will do the trick

anyone have any tips, besides buying a tube amp altogether?

thanks in advance
You have a very popular amp, or widely bought anyways...

So there is a good chance you will find several good hits on a search engine if you type in your amp and then MODS, like 'Line 6 Spider III Mods'

Check them out and see if there are any that you like that would help your tone and sound out. If you can't get the pieces to do it yourself (requires soldering and often voids warranty, but with better sound and longevity, who cares, and chances are, with all the soldering you do, you could probably know or learn how to fix it yourself).

I have a fender blues jr that i've been modding here and there and love it. Now I wouldn't trade the thing for the world. Just a 15watt tuber with a pre amp. I learned how to solder from this thing (practised on old junk like phones and fax's etc first just to be safe!)
Actually, I don't think there are any mods for a Spider 3. First, it's a pretty low quality amp by most people's standards (I'm not saying it's a bad amp tho, it's good for bedroom practice when you're new & cheap). Second, it's a solid state modelling amp. Now that in itself is not necessarily a bad thing, but it just means that it's not as easy to mod the amp. Tube amps are a lot easier to mod. But if you do manage to find some way to mod the Spider, post the results
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On topic: TS, a tube preamp won't really do a good deal to help your tone. The poweramp in a Spider II is solid-state, and a tube preamp won't do a great deal for your tone (*coughcoughvalvetronixcough*) so you're better off just getting a new amp. Modding a Spider is, to quote a popular term, polishing a turd.


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After seeing the inside of a spider there isnt much in the way of mods that look easy to do. Its more computer inside than amp. And the spiders dont like external preamps anymore than they like pedals. Save the money you would spend on a preamp and put it toward a tube amp.
A tube preamp pedal won't do much of anything for your tone, at all... because it is still going to go through your Spider's own preamp and poweramp sections. A decent portion of the "tube sound" people are after is from the poweramp section, which you can't "emulate".

Honestly... save your time and money and don't bother with "band-aids". Enjoy your amp for what it is.... invest your money in other meaningful improvements like pedals, pickups, a guitar, etc. Ultimately, if you want a "better" or "tube" sound from your Spider, you won't get it with any sort of "fix"... you're only going to get it with an actual tube amp. Save your money up and just take the time and invest in a nice tube amp, you won't regret it. Just enjoy your Spider for what is now.