Alright... so lots of sweep pickin' threads but no touch technique threads.

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Normally, a guitarist must use two hands to play each note. One hand presses down a guitar string behind a chosen fret to prepare the note, and the other hand either plucks or strums the string to play that note. Jordan's touch technique is an advanced form of two-handed tapping. The guitarist produces a note using only one finger by quickly tapping (or "hammering") his finger down behind the appropriate fret. The force of impact causes the string to vibrate enough to immediately sound the note, and Jordan executes tapping with both hands, and with more legato than is normally associated with guitar tapping. The note's volume can be controlled by varying the force of impact: tapping with greater force produces a louder note.

A helpful analogy to visualize this technique is the distinction between a harpsichord and a piano. A harpsichord produces sound by plucking its strings, and a piano produces sound by striking its strings with tiny hammers. However, while notes produced on a harpsichord or piano sustain after the hammer has struck or the pick has plucked, fingers must remain on a tapped note in order for the sound to continue. This similarity is what led Jordan to attempt such a technique in the first place;[citation needed] he was a classically trained pianist before playing guitar and wanted greater freedom in voicing chords on his guitar

This article is from wiki's entry on Stanley Jordan, a master of the technique.

So i've really been working on the Zack Kim rendition of super mario bros. overworld theme: http://www.metacafe.com/watch/577989/super_mario_theme/

I swear he spray painted that PGM301

As an aspiring guitar master (one who masters guitar, not mastered by it) I really want to learn this technique and take it to higher levels.

Personally I feel that touch technique is like what sweeping was back in the 80's, many will attempt it, but only a few will master it, and it is my goal to master touching as a fisherman masters bait. *snicker*

Stanley jordan and Zack kim are the only ones that I know of that proficiently use touch technique right now, still trying to discover more... dunno if MAB uses it.
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I thought this was going to be an erotic thread

Stanley Jordan is pretty awesome. Only lest night I was watching his cover of Stairway to heaven on youtube, a great cover.
Have you heard of Chapman sticks? I think you'd find them very interesting

EDIT: And I also think you should check out Aldo Vaccaro (I think that's his name...)
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Here's a collection of touchstyle tabs for you guys to work on. I have a few more that I'm making atm, and I may need to re-make the Mario one. I also included Power Cosmic by Joe Satriani, as it's great for working on your left hand. Then, I also included MAB's double guitar solo for fun. Enjoy!
Oh, and I have Brodericks Betcha Can't play this as well, as most of the tabs I've seen have the right notes played incorrectly.

and here's another good broderick vid, though the audio quality isn't great.


and zack kim's most impressive video imo.


and my favorite Stanley Jordan song, which I'm working on tabbing.

I use it alot with slap guitar on the acoustic, but when i play on the electric i get too much feed back and ringing.

Would a rubberband( or something tight enough, but not so tight to be muting the strings) in front of the first fret eliminate most of the feeback?
^It can help, but It cuts down on your ability to use the open strings. Also, more ideally you'd learn how to mute it using your hands. Finally, touchstyle playing is almost entirely done with a clean tone. Some 8 finger stuff is done with high gain, but true independent bass and lead is almost exclusively done with a clean tone.
TJ Helmerich has an absolutely stunning two handed touch technique. Bob Zabek is also quite impressive.

Some acoustic touchstyle players would include Antonio Forcione and Preston Reed.
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^I'd like to add Scott Mishoe to that.
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Sounds like simple hammer-ons to me.

Anything but.
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Have you heard of Chapman sticks? I think you'd find them very interesting

EDIT: And I also think you should check out Aldo Vaccaro (I think that's his name...)

Yes I have. ( Tony Levin)
I think touching the guitar is part of any guitar related technique. You seem to be refering to tapping, and yeah there is actually a decent amount of people that are doing that. You have your Zakk Kim, using 2 guitars, or guys like stanley Jordan, TJ Hemelrich, Jennifer Batten..... and quite a few others. Its definitely impressive, although I have to say I find the exclusive use of tapping sonically boring.

BTW have you ever heard Charlie Hunter? That guy plays an 8 string guitar. He plays bass, and rhythm parts at the same time and bass + solo. Its pretty amazing.

Also Michael Hedges has done some incredible work with tapping on the guitar, and much more ofcourse.


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michael hedges is one of the originals... it can be easies on 2 guitars as your bass and lead lines dont cross, erm look up Adam Fulara on Youtube http://youtube.com/watch?v=QbZe45eicDE
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