Hi guys and girls.

I currently have a line 6 echo park, marshall echohead and some unnamed digi delay that I modded.

I really like the sounds of the echo park, but I don't like the design, particularly the footswitches 'two way' action. I'd prefer to have one button for the effect, and one for the tap.

I'm thinking of selling both and replacing them with a DL-4.

Does the DL4 come with every single option the echopark has? Like the ability to have any of the delay settings (dotted 8th etc) use a digitial, analouge or tape simulation? Becuase I mostly use the tape and analouge settings (I use the echohead set to tape too, but I have yet to hear a tape delay in a compact pedal sound THAT good, I'm thinking of getting the Boss Re20 pedal for the hell of it anyhow).

I play very ambient music as you might be able to tell from my delay collection, but I'm quite a versatile guitarist. If i had to lump my sound in, I'd pick 'Radiohead'.
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I don't think the DL-4 has the ability to switch between Tape/Analog/Digital for the different types of delay, for example switching between Analog and Tape Ping-Pong like on the Echo Park.

I could just be misinterpreting the manual though. You can find it here , and there's a good photo of all the options here .

Hope that helps somewhat.

Edit: Pretty much all guitar stores will carry at least one of these, so if you're in doubt you can always go try one.
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