i'm trying to put a name to a device.

its for copying profiles... its a row of tiny metal rods all clamped together and you put the ends of the rods across whatever it is you are trying to copy... you use them for copying neck profiles... also around the home for copying skirting board/coving profiles...

sorry for the rubbish description... i am sure someone will know what it is...

thanks in advance.
Thank you please.
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If it's a guitar tool, you'll find it there!

cheers for the heads up, but its like looking for a needle in a haystack without a proper name...
Thank you please.
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Profile gauge:


Or contour gauge:

Two names, one tool.

cheers minty. thats the ticket... ive been racking my brains all day... searching google for how to's on profiling skirting boards and all sorts...

Thank you please.