Has anyone else taken any of the IB tests yet? I've taken paper 1 of HL English, finished HL American History, and finished SL Math Studies 2. I just finished the last part of the Math Studies paper like 20 minutes ago and DAMN! That was ridiculously hard. Anyone else share the woes of IB?
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Irritable Bowels?

I wish, these are International Baccalaureate exams. They're obnoxious.
doing IB english (HL) A2 or whatever,, just did my first essay (comparative) last monday, next monday I will write the last one (argumentative essay).
I live in Holland, this is some sort of bilingual course I'm following, so I'm only doing English.
Still I think I know enough of it to say that it's pretty much Irritating Bullcr*p.
iritable bowel tests...yes.....i failed
just so i dont have to edit every post i make, let me clarify something I CANT TYPE WELL....thanks
Ha, I went through IB and graduated in IB. I managed to write all my internal/external assessment papers for english and history the night before they were due...I never pulled all nighters till my senior year when we had to do all that ****, haha. If you care about getting your IB diploma, don't flake out on your extended essay. I did well enough to pass the IB tests, but I didn't make a good enough grade on my extended essay so they wouldn't give me my IB diploma...2 ****ING POINTS AWAY!!! AHHHHHH

haha, oh well, I still got into college and got my bachelors.
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Yeah i didn't skimp out on my extended essay, and I think I'll do fine on my HL exams except Spanish, that's the one I'm still worried about...
haha, i remember my french exam. They show you pictures and you get to explain what's happening in the picture while talking into a little tape recorder.
More UltraMatic than you.
When it came to the Spanish oral we needed to talk about something for 15 minutes into a tape recorder. Luckily my teacher was nice and wrote down stuff when I couldn't remember the word in Spanish.