So I like to do fingerstyle, and I just recently heard that when playing fingerstyle, it's a lot easier to play the strings individually if you grow your fingernails. I mean, it's easy to grow the nails, but how do I get em like, the perfect shape (right word?)

Like, if you see Kotaro Oshio, or Andy Mckee's fingernails, they are like, shiny and perfectly shaped

So how do I get em like that???

Thanks to all who reply!


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its hard to explain because there is different ways for different type fingers buy a carcassi book and it shows you
for me, i first cut my nails into a point at the middle of the nail and then round it off so that it's shaped like the tip of a normal guitar pick(except a little more rounded). it's worked just fine for me.
What captivate said. I use the same method (although I absolutely hate filing my nails. It's like scratching a blackboard, the same kind of feeling. *shivers*)
Also, GET, OF, YOUR, NAILS. I decided to pick every one off because I had already managed to damage my index finger's nail by far to badly, but I´m having a little bit trouble to stay away from accidently braking them (DONT, ASK ... ) as It´s tempting to just rip them of.
I cut them about a 2 millimeters then file them on a 45 degree angle once a week. Then I file the rough top bit to smooth it out, by a book on classical guitar technique(don't forget to check for a section on fingernails first).
It's really just a matter of experimenting for tonal quality.