So I'm playin' for over 2 and a half years acoustic and electric guitar.
Because I'm not a rich one i still have my first guitar which is a stagg strat blink 182 version for 99 bucks.But i will have my first real gigs this summer so i have to have a new one^^

So now a friend of mine sells her guitar for 50 bucks .It's this Behringer
It's without the amp.
I have this guitar for testing at my home and it sounds much better than my old one , no scratches ,no fret buzzetc but sometimes there's a loud noise like plugging in.

So my question is:should i take this one or rather wait a bit 'till I probably get a bit more money and take a better one?btw:I want to play mostly punkrock but I also like some metalcore stuff.Is there any cheap guitar you would recommend?

Sry for the bad english =)

Edit: also i could maybe insert some humbuckers
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my opinion if you want a guitar that doesnt cost much go for a squire strat by fender. they also have the fat strat witch comes with the humbucker bridge pickup. look at my pics to see mine. it plays very nuce very low action and cost me 150 bucks. its a worthy deal, could be usied to play gigs also.
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I'd just save my money. You can get way better for a bit more money.

agreed. beginner guitars are hardly worth the money also.