Does anybody know anything about the Kustom 150?

I noticed we have one @ church last night, and it looks really vintage, but im not sure of anything about it.

basically, can anybody give me any info on this amp? how much its worth? how many watts it can put out?

because i know nothing about it, i just noticed this little amp @ church last night that had a real vintage look to it.
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Google man.


Are you gonna buy it?

Sounds like you should save your cash.

Blackheart halfstack?
Check it out

And Church? who goes to church anymore?
haha jk
I wanted to play for a Christian Church just for fun.
But I forgot to reply to that guy again.
So that deals off
anything about it?

im trying to find out what its worth so my youth pastor will know if he has a vintage gem in the church right under his nose....