I have a song I've written on Powertab and need to put it onto a CD for tomorrow. Anyone know how to?

I've tried saving it as a MIDI file and then right-clicking it and clicking 'Burn CD in RealPlayer' but it comes up with the rror in RealPlayer 'Unsupported media type'.

I've also tried the 'Add to Windows Media Player list' and from there trying to 'Burn 'Now PLaying'' but when I click 'Start Burn' it comes up with:

'It is not possible to burn this list of files because all of the files have errors or are missing burn rights.'

So could anyone tell me how to burn it to CD? It's my own song so I don't see how it is missing burn rights.

Also, I'm not too techno-clever so keep it simple for me
You could download Audacity and set it to record audio playing on the computer, while you play through the PowerTab. Then you can export that file as a WAV.
Download Audacity for free. Then you record it (push the record button, and play the powertab file, find out wich record input you need) and export it as an MP3 file. Maybe it will work then. You can also put your guitar into your pc and record it if really nothing works.
You could import the MIDI file into iTunes, convert it to an mp3 and burn it off using that. I think its capable of converting MIDI to mp3.
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