not bad, but you guys need cleaner recording for the guitars when distorted and the vocals could use a little work. they just seem weak and lack a little force and substance in my opinion. other than that, pretty solid
The tone is perfect for a skramz band. I like what I heard.

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Great job, that sounds pretty awesome.
The part "and you're the one that falls" (bridging the semantic gap) somehow reminded me of bright calm blue. Dunno why exactly, but it did. Maybe due to the dual vocal thing. You could really .. umm .. develop that some further. Listen to their "swallow feathers whole" for an example.

The only thing I don't like is the drummer using his bass drum too much. at least for my liking.
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Vocals could improve, and personally, I think the drum parts (not the drumming itself) could use more of a stable beat at times.
i liked it those screams seemed a bit mainstream sounding though...

otherwise i liked.
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